Thursday, June 28, 2007

Day One

So I have decided to start an art blog. I feel like maybe if I can get my art online, I will feel like I am doing something. I am not much of a writer, so don't plan on coming here to read too much, but come here to look at stuff I make (and maybe sometimes stuff that inspires me). With that in mind, I don't create something new each day or even each week, so I don't know how often it will be updated. So, add it to a reader and you'll be kept up-to-date.

Until I scan some stuff, you can see a couple of things about me:
  1. Here is my web site. It is badly in need of an update. It's only some of my old design work. Some day I swear to put more of my best artwork up there too, but since I don't like web designing too much, I haven't been too inspired. A couple of years ago, my great need for a new website inspired this one.
  2. I also sell stuff on etsy under buzzbuzzbee. (Thanks for introducing me to Etsy, Martha!) Here's some stuff from my shop below:

Buy Handmade

Oh, I guess I can't add another number after this. Oh well. I wish I remembered my HTML. But I don't. Well maybe I will scan those couple of projects I did this week later tonight, if Kevin doesn't put my rowing machine computer back on the rower.

American Highway I, © 2005

American Highway II, © 2006

Goodnight for now.

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Ashu said...

I LOVE IT. go beth go!