Sunday, March 9, 2008

A Drawing A Day, 3.7.2008

Friday I spent a lot of time in the studio. It was really refreshing. The tenants upstairs can be kind of loud, but I am getting used to it, and learning how to best deal with blocking the noise out.

I used another one of dad's out-of-date psychology books and altered it. I decided to let the cover and the content drive this drawing, as you can see on the left.

Additionally, I am really enjoying drawing screws. They have so much texture to them and the light hits them so interestingly. I love the shadows they cast.

This drawing is about 4.5 inches square. It is on a coated cover sheet, which I rubbed a bit with sandpaper to get some more texture/tooth to the page. I then worked into it with pencil, my exacto, cut paper and nail polish. (I discovered some ManicPanic nail polish I bought at Pearl Paint in Cambridge for pennies a couple of years ago and I am just having so much fun with the enamel!) I really had fun with this piece.

I am also thinking of a larger scale project I want to do with small items that fit in a one inch square area. More on that soon, I hope!

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