Sunday, July 1, 2007

Finishing the laundry, adding the elements

So I guess I need to finish (and respond to) that last posting about the laundry...So here goes...
  1. Pricing work in general. This has always been a difficult one for me. I just don't know how to do it. I have always wanted my art to be art for the people (aka, not exorbitantly expensive) but at the same time, I don't want to devalue my thoughts, time, energies, or product. I just never know how to price work and it makes it the hardest part of all.
  2. The original design. This was an alteration of one of my original designs. I am not sure if I have an example of it around. The original was larger, just a line drawing. I am now thinking I like this multicolored, more detailed version better, even though I was sure I liked the outlines better in the past. I think conceptually i like the outlines better, they express the ephemeral nature of man made items in an environment that has been in existence for billions of years. Aesthetically, I like the colors included better.
  3. My work as a reflection on everyday life. I kind of touched on that. I really like to reflect on the fleeting moment of these man made items (cars, laundry, etc) in an ever changing, but relatively stable natural environment. Not sure if I am explaining this right -- that's why my art should speak for itself.
  4. There are more of these yet unfinished and each has the possibility of being a bit different. I had to get a few done for a submission, but there are numbers more that I am going to alter and each should be a bit different from the rest. I like about screenprinting that you can reproduce multiples, but I also love the ability to change little elements in my work as well.
  5. Size. The original was designed as 4x6 with some bleed -- I liked the bleed area a lot so I have been finagling the trimming a bit, and I think it is 4 5/16 x 5 1/2
  6. Should I sell this on Etsy? Oh this has been a question I have been struggling with. I feel like so much stuff just gets lost on etsy, and I am not even sure if I should post it there, since I don't even know what to charge.
  7. The first two are in the mail to the Museum School. More on that later. Actually, they are on the way to the Rhys Gallery in Boston, for the Proof of Purchase show. Each alumni artist can submit up to two 4x6 pieces...I meant to do this last year but I forgot to mail the envelope. I sent them anyway, so we will see if they use them this year too. But basically, on August 29-30 from 11-6pm (?) all this art work will be showing at the gallery, and once you buy the piece (each piece is $50) you then can find out if you bought the work of a well known artist or an aspiring artist. Promises to be a cool event. I am going to try and attend myself if I can get out of work that day on time.
Whew. That's it on that.

So my other piece I just finished was for AzureGrackle's super cool Periodic Table Printmaking Project. This was a neat project and promises to have a great finished product. Each piece was 6x6 inches, so must have quite an amazing result when all laid out. I think she is going to attempt to make a book, but I think she should also think about showing them -- maybe curating a science related show with this collection as the center piece.

I was assigned Roentgenium, element 111, since I joined too late to choose, and I had to take what was left -- no wonder it was left -- it was a tough one! I chose to respond to the fact that it was in the same column (shoot, I forget my chemistry) as gold, silver and copper so it probably has some of the same properties. I also thought it interesting that it was only observed three times before it was added to the periodic table (hence, the table)...Finally, I decided to graphically include that it is radioactive.

It was tough and I am not really sure how I feel about it, but it is what it is...

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