Sunday, July 1, 2007

Hope Cemetery

I should probably add a little about some other art I saw today -- totally inspirational and made me want to take another stone carving class.

My father told Kevin and I about the Hope Cemetery in Barre, Vermont, and Kev and I detoured a little on our way back from Concord, Vermont to go see it.

Kev took some pictures that I will link to when he posts, but until then here are some of the highlights.

There are just some stunning pieces of art here. My dad tells me that the quarry workers of Barre used to spend their lunch hours carving their own gravestones -- pretty morbid, if you ask me! However, these people left quite an amazing legacy -- a sculpture garden in itself. As much as I hate to think about death and dying, it is quite a piece of art to have left behind. Don't expect me to be carving my gravestone anytime soon though!

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Stacey said...

Well, I am a bit morbid, but I love this cemetery. It's really amazing...