Sunday, September 9, 2007

Changes to Psychology

So, I have been dealing with a lot of anxieties about my future, so I decided today to tear up some books. Man, it felt good. Normally I am not one for tearing up the written word (I find books to be so precious) but my dad gave me a bunch of old, outdated psychology books he was getting rid of.

The books have this wonderful musty smell and yellowing pages (gosh, I am making Dad seem so old -- he's not -- really, its just that
textbooks don't seem to have a very archival quality to them -- probably because it isn't worth the money when new editions are pushing old copies out-of-date faster than one pay the hundred plus dollars it costs to buy text books these days. I could go on and on about the textbook business, as I was once in publishing, but I'll spare the details. That said, that might be another underlying reason I enjoyed so thoroughly tearing apart the old textbook.

So, anyway, this book alteration came out of an old project I did years ago that I always hoped to re-explore again. I don't think I want to talk too much about it
-- Hopefully, despite my poor photo skills, the project can somewhat speak for itself. 3D is kind of hard to photograph as an amateur, but I won't let that stop me from creating in 3D -- I really like 3D, I think it is in the blood -- my late grandmother was a talented sculptor and my dad is creating some beautiful sculpture himself when not being Santa Claus.

I am not sure that this project is done, I think it needs something else, but I will sit on it and come back to it when I am ready. I am wondering if there is a way to integrate screen printing without being too loud, without taking away from the elegance of the piece.

Right now I am most enamored with the small window that opens to the inner most scroll, revealing the intricacies of the twine that binds it interacting with the text on the page. I really tried to get a good shot of this, but I had to use a flash since my tripod is still at the studio, and the flash blew out the detail. When I bring the tripod back, I will try to get a better picture. (see right)

My last issue with this piece is how it should be presented. I designed it verically, so that it would be like an open book on the shelf, but I am really loving it lying down, tent-like. I am not exactly sure which works better.

For more images and different angles of this piece, please feel free to check out the photo collection here. (Blogger was giving me a bit of trouble with inserting photos so I limited the number I am showing here)

*Peggy, this post is for you. Thank you, and I will reply soon*

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Elsita said...

Hello Bethany. Here I am visiting your blog. I have to say that I enjoy very much the pictures of this book sculpture. I like it a lot in that position like a tent. You can make a whole show only with books.
I also saw your store on Etsy. Congratulations!
I will visit you again. Elsita:)