Sunday, September 2, 2007

Red Light, Green Light. Is it a go?

I have been doing a lot of cleaning and coming across some art. I am not sure what to do with it, since it is printmaking, I have multiple copies and I can't hang all these multiples of one image in the house. (Nevermind the fact that Kevin and I are absolutely horrible at hanging stuff up!) I am debating whether to sell it on etsy. A lot of people sell multiples of their work by reproducing it in archival prints, and sell them infinitely. I don't want to do that, because I think a huge part of the beauty is in the handpulled silkscreen, but in that case, I am limited by quantity and can't charge the same low prices that these people sell their work for.

Well, at least I can post one of the images in question,
Red Light, Green Light, © 2005 (left). This is not the greatest picture. When I start making my art full time, I need to look into having my art shot professionally.

Red Light, Green Lightis the second -- and last, to date! (hopefully with more to come) -- of a series of produce images reflecting the experiences of growing up girl. This was titled after the popular childhood game, bringing up memories of carefree yard games in which both girls and boys participated.

The first in this series is Odd Girl Out, © 2005 (below right). This title was appropriated from the fabulous book Odd Girl Out: The Hidden Culture of Aggression in Girls by Ra
chel Simmons. This book, while examining the cattiness and aggression in girls, also normalized the anxieties I experienced starting in late elementary school. While examining this as a common problem in growing up female, Simmons does not condone it, but instead introduces it as a common problem. These teen and preteen relationships fascinate me, and I hope to explore and reflect on this more in future art. In the meantime, check out one of my all time favorite movies, Mean Girls, which is another insightful reflection on the "hidden culture of aggression in girls."

Quite honestly, I wasn't thinking about all of this when I created Odd Girl Out, but when I finished it and looked at the orange all alone in the corner, that's exactly what it reminded me of -- the sad, lonely, painful time when you are left out by friends. Looking at it totally hit a nerve, reminding me of a time in my life that I wouldn't want to go back to, but at the same time helped me grow up and learn to really find those genuine women friends that are a huge part of my life today.

*On a very cool side note, I gave this as a wedding gift to a friend (for purely aesthetic reasons, not because she ever made me feel this way!) and she told me "Did you know that Chinese tradition is to give and have oranges on display because the Chinese word for orange sounds like the word for wealth? So, growing up, people always gave you oranges for good luck!" I think that is the coolest thing. Thanks for telling me that, Stace, mom of lovely Ivy.

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