Thursday, December 13, 2007

A Drawing A Day 12.13.07

Ok, first off, I know this seems more like a drawing a month. I know, I know. I need to put a little more pressure on. Second, I'm having a hard time figuring out subject matter. That part is killing me.

So I had this great idea to draw what I felt like eating instead of actually eating it (I have a major sweet tooth I am trying not to over indulge.) Here are the couple of problems with that: 1. I like to draw from life. To draw from life means I have to have it in the house. To have it in the house means, well, um, not helping the indulgence thing...I mean, today I really wanted to draw cupcakes (lately I have been inspired -- and hungry -- by the creative drawings of Cakespy). To draw cupcakes though meant I would either have to go buy cupcakes or make cupcakes, but either way, there would be a lot of cupcakes in the house...probably not the best idea. 2. I love ice cream most of all. Even though these drawings are quick, I don't think the ice cream would hold shape long enough for me to draw. I haven't figured it out yet, but I do think I will come back to that sweets thing. Especially since Arianna and I are making Christmas cookies soon. Perhaps I should keep a couple...

Long story short, I drew an onion. Well, mostly the plant growing out of the onion. Needless to day, I wasn't too tempted to eat the onion. Besides the fact that the onion was taking on a new life of it's own, I have become less and less fond of onions. Maybe its because I hate to chop them -- they make me cry so hard.

This was a pleasant 40 minute drawing. It's snowing out and as I drew today, I faced the window and watched the snow fall silently to the ground. I needed a little bit of accentual light, but partially out of laziness of getting and clipping the clip lamp and partially out of my desire to keep with the natural, I lit a candle. (It's the last time I will draw to a Yankee Candle Country Linen candle -- that smell was too much for me.) The natural light was changing rapidly, so the drawing was a challenge. Highlights and shadows kept changing. I don't love the drawing, but I did it. Perhaps in a week or so I will revisit the onion drawing. I imagine it will be quite a change.

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arianna said...

sorry i'm so late in commenting on this, but i've been way behind in my blog-reading. but i really like the onion!! i could never have told that the light changed a lot on you. also, i saw the onion when we were baking the other day & then i saw this and i knew IMMEDIATELY what it was (before reading the post) and i thought how much *exactly* like it it looked. and how good you are at drawing, and how little you do of it.

okay, enough from me! xo