Friday, December 14, 2007

A Drawing A Day 12.14.07

Hey there cupcake! As I said in the last post, I really wanted to draw cupcakes. I wanted to eat them so therefore, according to my new plan, I wanted to draw them. Last night Kevin and I walked to downtown Waltham in the snow, had a lovely dinner, and stoped to buy carrots and cupcakes on the way back. The cupcakes were pretty sad looking, and not worth carrying the one mile trip back up the hill in the snow. So, long story short, this morning I made them. I made my models. From scratch. Not sure why I made them from scratch, but I did. Took longer than I hoped. And of course I tested. The batter. The frosting. The cooked cakes. I didn't eat either of the two I am drawing though. And the remaining 18 (it only made 21) are boxed up for the birthday of lovely Rachel tonight.

When they were done and frosted, I drew. I clearly had a better time with the wrapper than the cupcake, which brings me to wonder, was it worth all the effort of baking?

So the f
irst one is my classic 6x6 inch drawing. There was a shadow, but it took away too much from the cupcake. I erased it, but it was there pretty well, so it's still there. Though I am liking how the folds of the wrapper turned out, I do feel like the right is a little awkwardly shaded, and in the next drawing I do, I will aim to even that out. Additionally, I need to work on the frosting. Clearly its underdone, but I just got frustrated with it, and since my 30 minute timer had gone off, I allowed myself not to be consumed by the drawing/frustration. One thing I should have not done is put sprinkles on top. I mean, its been a while since I have been really drawing. I think that frosting itself with out all these glassy confettis all over it is enough of a challenge.

For the second one, sized at 5x5 inches, I did something different, in which I like the concept, but it didn't turn out exactly as I planned. I drew the cupcake on a pink and green paper to represent frosting and wrapper. I kind of like it, but next time I think i am going to have it approximate the line of the cupcake-wrapper break a little more accurately, or at least try at all! This cupcake had no sprinkles (well it did, but I brushed them off and refrosted, which in turn left for rougher frosting, as it was beginning to dry.) Again, I like the wrapper more than the frosting -- while the frosting in the above drawing was underdone, this frosting seems to be overdone.


Cakespy said...

I like the wrapper and the frosting! If I had to choose I think I like #2 best. I love how they're so simply put and strangely moody.

Anonymous said...

keep up the drawing a day!...i think it is great.