Thursday, November 1, 2007

December Sale

In Checking In," I mentioned the December Sale at the Museum School. I am selling some older work, because I have just been too busy to produce new work in time. It's good though, that the older work is getting some press time too, I guess, and it was nice to find some of these pieces because I had practically forgotten about them.

The one with the grass and the moth is called It's Not Pretty to Me (©2006). It's mixed media -- the grass and sky panels were screenprinted, the path of the postage stamp moth is actually sewn black thread. This one was a lot of fun because it really evolved out of the screenprinted panels, which began as just an exploration of alternate screenprinting methods.

I am also going to sell Bird on Green, which I LOVE for its simplicity. It evolved out of a teeny sketch of a bird I did that I just fell in love with and realized I needed to take it a step further and out of the hidden pages of my sketchbook. I like that about sketchbooks. You can draw and create lots of junk in them, but once in a while there is a little hidden gem that you can just pull right out and integrate into something else.

The last little pieces I am going to put in are those laundry prints I have been meaning to post. I have scanned some in, but I am not quite sure these are going to be the ones I am going to submit. They are all a little varied and that is what I love about them. I love the new dimension they have to the OLD laundry prints (Fresh I and Fresh II), I am thinking maybe I will take the old laundry prints in their size and variety of laundry and integrate the cut paper and color. The irony is, Fresh I was supposed to have lots of color, but then when I saw the line drawing, I liked that. Hmmm, it all comes around, I guess.

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I LOVE the new pieces!!!!!!!!!!!!