Tuesday, November 20, 2007

A Drawing A Day? 11.14.07...

So I said some of these drawings would be not as frequent and hopefully some of these would last over some days. Here is one of them. I think I left the original drawing at the studio, and I will need to get that and scan it in at some point. This one, Pair and Lemon (© 2007, silkscreen on paper, 6x6 inches), is currently undergoing some analysis. It wasn't supposed to stop here but I am thinking I like it. However, I have a number of copies of this, so it is always worth playing with. I really like the depth and the layering of color of this print. I love the simplicity and the boldness.

The tan background was created by printing the off white twice over the brown. I like the effect, but it was originally
supposed to be less opaque. The reason I printed the white twice was that I am really having a technical problem with snap-back, and my screen keeps kissing the he paper when lifting and leaving these rings. I am really quite frustrated with that part of it, and I have been doing a lot of research and book buying and group joining to get help, because the one answer I got twice is just causing more problems.

The original piece, and the way I might go deeper into other copies of this, was supposed to have a shadow under the fruit and an outline, done in woodcut but also reminiscent of Roy Litschenstein's linear treatment (as in this painting). I am not even sure how the woodcut will take, as I don't have the most advanced woodcut printing set up and my woodcut skills are a little rusty. Speaking of rusty, I might even need to sharpen my tools and I don't even remember how! I will post the results when they happen though.

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Cakespy said...

Awesome blog! I love the drawing a day concept--and this pear and lemon image really caught my eye--so simple but lovely. So glad we've stumbled upon each other!