Thursday, July 31, 2008


I wanted to share a project I have been working on for a while.

A while back I finished the album cover design ( for The B-Flat Project's new album, Bbelief, which now is available for sale on iTunes. I am not much of a music critic, but when I design for albums, I listen to the songs over and over as I am designing, and I have to say, I really enjoyed having Bbelief on repeat!

I did the design, but I did not do the actual illustration. That Brian and I found on a great site of scanned, public domain images from old books. Thanks, Liam!

This is the second album cover I have done with Brian of The B-Flat Project, and working with him is always wonderful. He pushes my ideas, challenges my creativity, and even has me indulging in philosophical studies. How does one illustrate "belief"? As one might imagine, we went back and forth with a lot of ideas for this album before settling on the cover we chose. You can read more about this experience on Brian's blog.

I have known Brian for 23 years of my 29 year life, and its been such a wonderful journey going from academic competitors trying to out do each other in our third grade bookworms (If I read 50 books one semester, Brian read 53...he was always a little bit ahead!) to friends that challenge each other's creativity.


Brian said...

Hey Bethany! Thanks for the great and reflective blog post! Hard to believe that we've known each other so long. I'm glad we've carried on into adulthood challenging each other and having some artistic fun.

Thanks again for the wonderful artwork you've done for me...



barefootliam said...

Love what you did with the picture here!


Brian said...

it looks great bethany! now that i know you have a blog i'll bookmark it =]