Tuesday, July 8, 2008

A Drawing A Day, 7.4.08 and 7.7.08

So, I wasn't as perfect as I planned in keeping this Drawing a Day up, but it was a holiday and a weekend. I have a feeling that weekends are going to be especially difficult this summer as we have a ton of weddings and other events...

I am so not thrilled with this watercolor, but again, I did it. These day lillies (?) were at our cabin in Vermont. Kevin and I went to up to Shadow Lake to spend some time with Uncle Charlie, Fred, and some of our friends up on the lake.

This image is about 7x7 inches, done in watercolor and I spent 30 minutes on it. This was about all I could spend before I ripped the page right out of my watercolor block.

I wasn't really feeling this image, but I did have a great time with Kevin's iPhone camera. As soon as I get them from him, I will post the collection of self portraits and sky I was taking.

I realized that one of my most unproductive art making problems is when I have somewhere to be and I can't spend the time I want to invest at the moment on a project. This is really frustrating.

I had to get home last night to get ready to go to my first meditation class at the Cambridge Insight Meditation Center. That ended up being great, but in the meantime, I felt rushed on this image. I thought I would have more time to do this drawing, but by the time I finished pulling the bottom two colors of the print I am working on, time was running 0ut quickly.

Anyway, about this drawing that I do not love either...Drawn on July 7, 2008. 6x6", graphite on paper, 31 minutes.

In other news, I made great headway on my website today, so I am excited to be moving on that. It is pretty tedious and has been hanging over my head so I cannot WAIT to get that done. I am hoping to get the main site up by July 31, but I am not sure that will happen. We'll see. Hopefully putting that date out in the public will motivate me to get moving.

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arianna said...

I actually really love the flowers piece! It's so delicate but also very three-dimensional. If you hate it, could I take it & hang it up somewhere?

And, not to be a Word Nazi (sorry!!) but I do think you meant to say "headway" and not "leeway"...maybe?