Tuesday, February 19, 2008

I'm Famous!

OK, I'm not really. But, sort of! The other day I happened upon Google Books. Having never really explored this before I played around with it a bit...and did the old "google-ing" of my name. I found my senior project from Tufts, an artist book titled From V-mail to E-mail: Memories and Reflections on World War II, listed. I printed and assembled eight copies in 2001, and sold one to the library at the School of the Museum of Fine Arts. Anyway, it was pretty cool since I have never pictured myself as a published author, but I even have a call number and everything!

Anyway, I was excited to find this listing and it caused me to take my copy of the book off the shelf and look over it again.
The book consisted of interviews with my three living grandparents who had all participated in their own way in World War II, and each had their own unique story to tell. It was an amazing project, probably the most meaningful I have ever done. Someday I hope to motivate and turn this book into an electronic presentation to be more accessible to all, as this generation will not be around forever, and I don't want their experiences or lessons to be forgotten.

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