Wednesday, February 20, 2008

A Drawing A Day, 2.20.2008

I knew this would happen. I would do a drawing I love one day, and then one I hate the next. Oh well, I promised I would post them, no matter what. What was nice with this, as with all my A Drawing A Days, as I said in my first post about them, I set the timer for an hour, and if I at least play with the drawing for 30 minutes to one hour, I can feel good about at least trying. By forcing myself to play with this drawing at least that long with the option of stopping after that, I actually worked into the drawing a little more than I had planned, and did redeem it a bit.

Tomorrow I am going to the art store to buy more clayboard, because I love it, and I wanted to figure out if I like the smooth board for watercolor as much as I like the textured board.

Do I like it as much? Answer: NO. On the smooth board, the watercolor just sits there, and as it dries leaves a ring that is just too distracting. [Now that I think of it, I have been noticing this on my smooth paper too -- I wonder if this will be less evident in my rough paper.] It also takes forever and a day to dry and my impatience just caused me to make a mess.

This frustrating drawing did give me a chance to play around with the scratch board qualities of the material, and in the end, it was this quality which helped redeem the drawing a little -- but I am still not in love with it.

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Cakespy said...

Aw, you need to love your art a little more! This one is so happy and spare in the composition, which makes it somehow elegant. I adore clayboard myself too!