Tuesday, June 17, 2008


So no, I don't love the new header, but I can't get it to work like I want it to, so it is going to have to do. I am trying to make it match my new website to be, but blogger, though wonderful in so many ways, doesn't give me much leeway in terms of changing the header. So this is it for now. Oh well.

Oh, yeah. Even more frustrated with the new website. That's why I tried to work on the blog "look."


So that is the the look I am going for at is simple but I want t
he art to speak, not the website so much...The top is the original InDesign document, and the bottom is the coding as it is right now -- I do have to say I am impressed with my ability to translate it in Dreamweaver. However, SO much work to do on it...I need to...
  1. Choose the art/design to use
  2. Figure out the way I am going to show multiple pages
  3. Figure out the way I am going to show images a little bigger
  4. Take pictures
Don't hold your breath waiting for it. I don't expect it up too soon.

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