Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Page A Day, April 15 - June 3, 2008

So I decided that I really hate the process of putting all my images of page a day up. It is so tedious, and by the time I get them scanned, uploaded to both Flickr and Picassa, I just don't want to link each and put them in the blog. I love the image of how all the pics look in the Flickr page anyway, so I decided I would just show you that (this time I am showing all from Jan 1 to date, but in the future it will just be the new ones!) and then link you to the first page of the new images in Flickr and Picassa.


I hope this is ok. If you really hate this new format, let me know via comment or vote on the right.


Anonymous said...

I like the new format! It's very interesting to see so many images laid out like this, and to see how they change day by day.

Bethany said...

thanks Marsha! I am glad you like it! I like it too, and it IS easier so I am not spending ALL my time putting them on the blog and instead actually MAKING!

arianna said...

No, I think it looks cool this way. And people can still see closeups/specifics if they want to, right? Just by clicking through. It's good.

arianna said...

p.s. I'm not going to vote because I don't prefer either one! They're both lovely. xo

Bethany said...

thanks A!