Thursday, June 12, 2008

Onesie Designs

So when I am having a mental block, I design simple little designs that will be good for onesies, so I can sell them either at shows or online.

I have been having a mental block...

Here are some ideas...The top three are other onesies I have done in the past, the remainder are new ideas.

The bottom cupcake and ice cream...I love the simplicity, but the cupcake is a four color job and the ice cream is a two color job. Not sure I am up for that.

The higher up ice cream and cupcake is nice because I will use the shirt color for the frosting/ice cream color, which keeps it a two color.

Finally, the giraffe was designed because of a suggestion by Marsha. I am especially curious to see what SHE thinks of it...I don't know. Does it NEED spots? I love the simplicity of it without...not so sure.

Jessie, working on a guinea pig design. This is a bit harder to simplify. But don't give up on me!


Anonymous said...

I didn't suggest giraffes (I mentioned hedgehogs and cheetahs), but I do like the one you have here. Simplicity is good...but I think you need the spots here.

Bethany said...

yeah, ok, i think i am losing my mind here. But thanks for motivating me to do a giraffe!

You are the best at commenting. I love your feedback! and I need to get to work then on the hedgehogs and cheetahs, which again, are harder than giraffes to simplify!

Bethany said...

marsha, look what i found!

Bethany said...

oh, but your daughter is older, isn't she?!

Tina said...

I love the simplicity of all of these and they would be so cute on a little girl's tee....I'll take one of each!

Steve said...

I really like your designs! Got a mental block, eh? Try looking up cute or funny baby pictures ;)