Thursday, August 13, 2009


I got some really positive feedback on the bird drawing I did, so I decided that while printing Soldier. Merchant. Man. (4"x6", mixed media on board) that I would also make some prints (Untitled), on paper from the image. I am really excited about them, but I am not sure if they should be worked into further. I like them for their simplicity -- the starkness of the white bird against the gray paper. I like the fact that the bird has just a wide open page to fly on (which now brings me to the desire to print this little bird all alone on a large paper...)

Then part of me thinks they should have something else to them. I'm not sure. Perhaps I need to leave it for a while and come back to it. I think art is so exciting in that way you can work on something, leave it, and then come back to it months later and finally get what you wanted -- or just finally have it come together even though you didn't consciously know what you wanted. Soldier. Merchant. Man. was like that. I worked on it in February (at which time I only did the board using scraps of paper from an old book) and then again in June (?) when I drew the dead baby bird and then finally in August when I added the bird in flight. And it is exactly what I wanted in the end, but I didn't know it at the beginning.

Since I already had the screen made, and I love experimenting, I also pulled a version of it on green fabric. I love that too, but I have no idea what to do with it.

Finally, I had been constantly imagining a piece with a bird and a cage and shrunk the bird to work in Leonard (4"x6", mixed media on board). I like it. This is the second version I did, the first the cage was too high and I couldn't get the bird to balance correctly on the page.

And yes, I don't know what my new obsession with birds is, but they are so elegant and so fragile, I just love using them in my work.

Soldier. Merchant. Man.

I finally figured out how to finish the piece (Soldier. Merchant. Man., 4"x6", mixed media on board) I started in February. I had started it as a way to deal with Grandpa Miceli's death. He died at 92. He loved a good long life and passed away right after watching a UConn Girls Basketball win with Grandma, which was probably his idea of a perfect evening. Rest in peace, Grandpa.

Monday, August 10, 2009

A Day at the Beach [WIP]

Here are the bathing beauties again. I was just playing around, moving them all over the page as if they were paper dolls.

They need work, particularly certain parts of the bodies. Also, I think the images of me "posing" are just too stiff and don't really fit. Also not loving the "skill" in the particularly overweight women. I'll need to work on this, because I really like the idea of having all shapes and sizes...right now the sizes are generally pretty similar.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Catching Up

I'm really catching up here...I am waiting for that pattern I did to save in illustrator. It's HUGE so it is taking forever.

Above are some prints on paper I made from the screens I made for The Canvas Project...My words were: tam-o-shanter, boss, deedle, sterling, and cafe. These are not necessarily in that order below, and I didn't print "sterling" so it's missing from the collection. Images are about 3x3 on 6x6 inch paper.

And here are the actual canvases I submitted. These are each 3"x3" square.

Sorry for the cell phone quality (or lack thereof)...

Bonus points to anyone who can match up the words to the images!

Well, I'm off! Illustrator is done saving!

Flight Patterns

When I was in school I used to love to work with patterns. I'd then make them into tongue-in-cheek clothes with my poor sewing skills.

Examples were the boxers with the crabs and the dress with the dress pattern on it...

I had forgotten how much I loved I stared playing with my birds in a pattern. Not loving it, but still super fun.

I think I also need to rework some projects from college that I can now redo with more experience and skill, because the concepts are certainly there!

Maybe I'll play around with printing them on one of the any fabric on demand sites that are out there.

Flying By

It's been a while since I posted. I have been very busy in the studio. I finally finished my piece for Danger. I am excited about it. I need to take a photo to post it...

In the meantime, this little guy made me happy.

Not sure about my recent obsession with birds. They are just so elegant and beautiful.