Friday, January 25, 2008

Page A Day, January 18-25, 2008

Not much I want to say about this group, as the art itself and the comments below pretty much speak for themselves. As a reminder, click on the thumbnails for more detail, or visit the Page A Day link on the right to see all the pages in order.

Friday, January 18, 2008

Page A Day (Humble Beginnings)

I am finally posting the Page A Day images in the color calendar (see below -- or link here -- for the last entry about this calendar). For a complete listing over time, continue to check here, but I will also post them by the handful on this blog.

I want to st
art off by saying sometimes these are five minute exercises, just forcing me to do something creative for the day. However, once I do them in the book, they are committed to the book, and therefore I will post them to this page, no matter how bad or how boring they may be.

I hope not to skip any days with this project (aside from the fact that the book arrived on January 7, and I therefore skipped the first 6 days of the year) but I do understand that sometimes its just not possible, so maybe there won't be something for the day. But I will post that blank page if I don't do anything on it. Most of all, I hope you enjoy my creative journey...

Monday, January 7, 2008

Hey there, Cupcake!

I played around with watercolor today. Its been a long time. I am still getting used to it again. I did cupcakes again. Here are two of my favorites. Again, still playing. These are pretty small, images are only about 2x2 inches.

Kevin got me this super cool book for Christmas -- Moritz Zwimpfer Colour Calendar 2008. It came today. Each page is a different color and even though it is really a calendar, i thought it would be a super cool page a day drawing project. It is SO super cool. Only problem is, I thought the pages would be uncoated, so drawing on them is a bit hard. Oh well, it leaves lots of room for experimentation, which is what I started to do today with acrylic, watercolor and pencil. Thanks, Kevin! I think I will post that tomorrow (each page is clearly dated, so you'll be able to tell when it is from) or maybe later tonight. We'll see.

Thursday, January 3, 2008

A Drawing A Day 11.14.07, Part Two

Something was missing from the previous version of print -- in my last post about it, I mentioned I wasn't quite sure I was happy with it where it stood. A couple of weeks ago, I added shadows. I think that was the answer. It still allows the print to be simple and bold while giving the image a little more depth.