Sunday, December 21, 2008

Umbrellas and Raindrops

I guess this massive snowstorm in New England (and other parts of the country) has inspired me to do a piece with precipitation.

Here is the design for the cover of a checkbook sized datebook I am working on.

I had a lot of fun working on it. Tomorrow I am going to the studio with Ernie and I am going to figure out what material and color it looks best on.

I think in the new year I will also play around with this as a fine art print.

Funny, I think that working on something that I don't intend to be fine art -- at least not something I expect to be framed -- puts less stress on me and in the end I really enjoy the outcome and in turn have ideas I want to make into fine art prints. Hmmm, guess it all comes back to Art and Fear, huh?

I was also thinking about how much I loved to send out my holiday cards this year. The thing is, what I love most about screenprinting (or printmaking in general) is that it makes fine art accessible to all. By sending mini prints through the mail, I am sharing my art with those I love and those who appreciate it. If you want to get a handmade Bethany print next year, please sign up with your mailing address on my mailing list. Would love to have you! And believe me, my mailing list isn't overwhelming -- I think I sent out one email this year and my only snail mail was actually the holiday card.

Coming soon, notes on my discard project. Stay tuned!

Monday, December 8, 2008

Oh Deer.

The deer cards are finally done! I am actually pretty excited about them!

For sale by contacting me or by visiting my Etsy Shop! All holiday card packs can be shipped priority at no extra charge. Please just let me know you found my cards on my blog...

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Super Lightbox

Sorry it has been a while. It has been so super crazy with our visit to Minnesota and all the printing I have been doing in the studio...

I just wanted to post one of the super cool photos I got from t
he simple and cheap lightbox tutorial I found on FamTrek. Wheee!

And don't forget, even though I haven't taken all of the photos I should with the cool lightbox, my holiday cards (and other items) are still for sale at my etsy site!